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“History Under Your Feet” Exhibition

More than 220 pairs of shoes showcased at Welten Museum Basel in Switzerland are waiting for you! ‘History Under your feet’ is the exhibition title and as its description implies ”Every shoe form that we wear today has a link to the past. We are always wearing a piece of history on our feet ”!

The exhibition includes a series of  ancient pairs of shoes (borrowed from Northampton Shoe Museum in the UK) alongside with famous designers’ works , such as Kobi Levii (below).


We are proud of the selection of Nunfides pair (below), that represents our brand in the most sufficient way! The exhibition runs until April 2015 and you can find out the ‘workshops’ weekends (about 2 per calendar month) on museum website. So, should you find yourselves  in Basel , do not miss the opportunity to learn how to design your own flip-flops!