The Fashion+Colour Identity

Colors was the key element of the Master’s  collection development and, specifically,how color combinations potentially affect our mood in a positive way -as stated at Valentini’s dissertation survey responded by more than 550 women.

According to that survey, the 55 % of the responders believe that wearing or seeing someone else wearing a certain color or color combination could elevate our mood, with this being a good barometer of confirming colours’ power in (happy!) fashion.

Additionally, the 51% of the responders claims that the colors we wear reflect our mood.

The primary idea for that survey was to investigate if females believe or not in the power of colors in the fashion field and specifically in footwear. From one point of view, the investigation revealed that while an impressive percentage believes in the power of vibrant colors, at the same time this almost same percentage pocesses way more black or darker clothes and shoes than any other color of the palette !

It is also notable that even if the additional 28% of  the total believes that colours reflect our mood and the 10,4% that wearing or seeing someone else wearing a certain colour could cheer us up,  still both may wear only black or monochromatic colours and shoes! Arising from these contradictions, when there is evidently  this one “thing-to-do”  that is meant  to result  nothing but positivity, then why do we insist on going  in exact opposite directions…?



The reasons of the aforementioned tend to be :

  • Insecurity / lack of self- confidence
  • lack of fashion ideas / bored of colors mix-n-match
  • existence ‘bulkheads’ (‘black makes me slimmer’, ‘grey is safe’ etc.)
  • fear that we will be judged by choosing of being different / wearing something ‘unusual’

Of course, we do love black and dark colors too and we do not exclude them from our designs! We do not ‘fight’ against them but against those results and norms that probably limit the women’s style and her freedom in daily styling choices!

Perhaps it is solution-time the stylists, the fashion journalists, the bloggers and of course the designers begin to “educate” people to accept, support and promote diversity, both their own and of others. And the more we accept and promote our own diversity the more we gradually savvy people around us and accept easily their personal choices, character, origin, sexuality … and everything about them!

In a practical manner, we could start to apply small color-tricks in our daily lives, just by giving ‘color-shots’ to our existing style, and become the best ambassadors (colorful or not!) of our very own diversity. Couldn’t just this, in itself, be indeed a step towards inner happiness?

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